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The Foredom is the professionals tool.

I got mine in watchmakers school in the late 60's and it's still running strong.
All I've had to do is grease the shaft, replace the shaft cover once, and clean it occasionally.
Until I retired it was in almost daily use, and now I use it every few weeks for hobby gun work.

You can get models that run up to 18,000 rpm and high torque versions for high load-low speed work.
Since they can be bought with a foot or hand rheostat control, you don't have to hold a button down.
With a foot rheostat you can vary the speed quickly on the run.

The best hand piece is the #30 chuck type model.
This hand piece is much smaller then any Dremel.

For stippling they sell a hammer hand piece.

The Foredom is a "buy once, cry once" top quality tool that will last a career, and doesn't die at a bad time or run out of battery.
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