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Colt M16 A1 Carbine

I bought this one back in September but it took a while to get the special license. I also grouped three rifle on the same license as the local regulations allow it, which took more time. So I only brought it home a week ago. It’s an export M16 A1 that served in Israel where it was likely modified as a Carbine.

It was sold as a former full auto transformed into semi auto. However it appears that the semi auto conversion was minimal : removal of the full auto sear, semi auto hammer and safety lever. The bolt is a full auto model. So I’m considering bringing it back to full auto at some stage. Cost was $ 1500, which is actually cheaper than most semi AR-15 A2 here.

Went straight to the 50 m indoor range

Whereas accuracy was good (I only gave a few clicks to the front sight to raise the POI), it didn’t function well with a several failures to extract and double feeds.

So I decided to get out of my lazy ways and give it a thorough check clean and lube.

It had a strange long buffer tube and a crappy stock. I took it completely apart and inspected it, gave it a good cleaning and lubing including the gas tube which was surprisingly clean, and replaced the buffer tube and stock. I have yet to test it again.

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