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Writing letters are a critically important task that we need to be aggressively staying on top of. As a reminder for those now interested or have not been made aware of, I have put together a somewhat automated letter writing PDF form/template that includes contact links to any legislator, their position on the 2nd Amendment, as well as automatically generating an addressed mailing envelope. Also, most every field in this PDF template can be edited so that you can tailor it to your specific voice if you are so inclined.

The thread containing the template has been stickied to the top of this forum (Law and Civil Rights) and is included below. NOTE: I was unable to update my original post so I attached the current version (12-14-2012) to reply #13.

If I can even get one person who normally would not have written to become proactive in writing legislators, then I think it's worth the work put into it. In the end, all I care about is getting more people than ever before to stand up and make their voices heard to lawmakers. With that, if I can help facilitate action by providing this template, then please feel free to use it anyway you see fit.
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