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Bobcat - The SM is calibrated to the middle of the target frame. In the setup you choose which frame the target is on. I have both a my short range and long range in memory and just choose which on I am shooting. Once a frame is calibrated there should be no need for recalibration. No matter what target you have pasted on it

On the drone camera, I tried it myself. The resolution at that time was too low for it to work but a year in the electronics world is a lifetime. A high res camera that transmits in digital would make it feasible. The one I tried was a analog system and at 850 yards the performance was spotty at best. Cheap though I made the system for less than $100 at the time. Then I tried the Caldwell target camera system. Once again, 720P resolution combined with a lack of being able to pivot the camera remotely and zoom in made it frustrating at best. For some reason the camera refused to transmit color and in greyscale it even harder to find the holes.

One of my range buddies has the Longshot target camera. It is worlds better than the Caldwell but for same price you can just get a Shotmarker

As far as I am concerned the Kronenbourg system is overpriced, but no one in club management asked me and as a user I am just glad we have it. We shoot in a swamp (literally) and pits are out of the question so before the electronic targets it was shoot sighters, ride down and paste, the ride back and shoot for score. Royal pain as far as time and the sometimes the wind tends to shift over 30 minutes
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