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Local range has a large selection of full auto you can rent. The gun rental itself is generally just $10. But you're required to buy and use their ammo. And that's where they get you...
For example, a 25 round mag for the 10/22 is $25 each. Using $50 a 500 pack ammo.

Rate of fire makes a huge difference in what I've tried. There's a WWII German gun that's slower than a good semi can be fired, very easy to keep on target.
The fa 10/22 on the other hand is very high rate and climbs far more than you'd expect.

As someone said, even if not used, it would be nice to have the choice.
I drive a truck. Don't tow a trailer everywhere I go, even though I got 2 of them...
If I had the selector, it would rarely go fa. Burst is best way to quickly and accurately fire, I'm my experience.

I'm still waiting for their Tommy to get fixed...
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