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You wouldnt. Just wondering, but why do you think you would?
The targets with 50 holes in them? To practice engaging separate targets it would seem wise to USE separate targets. Of course you might be practicing to engage a single opponent over and over and over. With a machinegun. That's cool.

I'm not doubting that you can use an SMG as a semi-auto. The question is whether the full auto function has much or any utility. I'd say lots of local PDs have select fire guns. Mine does. Can't say I've ever even heard of them being used in full auto. Any examples?

Even the military is moving away from full rock n roll in infantry rifles.

Obviously I have no problem with civilians having full autos. I'd pay maybe $25 bucks to have the feature on an AR. Doubt I'd use it much though. As was found on Rapid Fire (by experts), it's just not much of an advantage.
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