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Pumping 50 rounds into one target is neato but why would you do that in real life?
You wouldnt. Just wondering, but why do you think you would?

Just don't confuse them with "general purpose guns".
Many of them certainly could be.

MGs are useful for area fire and anti-materiel fire.
I think some of the confusion here is, weapons whose main purpose is area fire, fire suppression, etc, and those whose main use, would be close range encounters.

Your M4, or Tommy gun, etc, are/were not meant to be used (normally) in long range encounters, in FA. They came with a selector for a reason, and if you understand their use, you know when "what" is appropriate.

Even the guns that were FA only, can usually pop off aimed single shots "accurately", once you learn the gun.

There seems to be a general consensus (and confusion) that anyone with a FA is just going to be spraying and praying and trying to shoot the gun like a hose. If your of that belief, then you certainly dont understand things.

that would make having heavy armament somewhat of a necessity,
I think the readily available armor, is one of the main reasons youve seen the shift to rifle caliber guns with police departments, etc. A pistol caliber vest will stop SMG rounds, even if they are a bunch at once. Same goes for shotguns.
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