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Suppose practice makes perfect in the end.
As it does with "anything". You get out of it, what you put in.

Can't believe you lit up gramps like that though.
Sorry, I should have been clearer here. The first pic, the one that drew someones ire, was shot with a FA SWD M11/9mm "MAC". The others were shot with handguns. If I remember right, Gramps was had by the P238 I had for awhile, and the boy above him, with an LCP. The rest were Glocks.

I simply posted the others to show I wasnt discriminating. But now that the others are all white, Im sure it will come up the other way.

The whole point here is, if Gramps, or any of the others, is a threat to you, one you feel means imminent death or GBH, you light him up just as hard as you can go. What their color, age, faith, sexual orientation, etc, has no bearing on it.

The only thing anyone can hold against you is, if you carry a gun, you didnt at least try to prepare yourself in regular practice, and try to the best of your ability to deal with things, as crappy as they may be.

Yea it might be nice to have but unless your in the military and under really heavy attack, it hasn't got one use at all.
Maybe if youre of that mindset. If something were going down and it was the handiest, I wouldnt hesitate to use it. Why would you not?

Of course, Im simply referring to saving my life and all the internet doom and gloom aside. I would prefer to do so, in ANY way necessary, and with anything necessary and available to accomplish that.

If you want to worry yourself into getting killed trying to remember what might get you in trouble down the line, and fail to do whats necessary to prevail, thats all on you.
"If the rule you followed brought you to this,
of what use was the rule?"

“The enemy is anybody who's going to get you killed, no matter which side he is on.” - Joseph Heller
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