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I had a pt 140 millenium (non pro) that my uncle got when he first got his ccw a few years back, it went from him to me to my dad as a kind of right of passage first carry gun after we each got our permits. problem with it was that it liked to hang up while loading a round. we tried all different brands of ammo with it but it seemed to only feed semi reliably with winchester white box. turned out to be unreliable and not such a great carry gun. in the end it when back to my uncle to deal with as he saw fit and we all carry something much more reliable now.

needless to say im not a huge fan of taurus semi auto however i believe if they can correct their problems i may end up giving a few of their models a chance in the future after i cross some of the other things on my want list off. the judge and their 22ply interest me although id have to figure out how to get rid of the righty only safety on the 22ply, last thing a lefty needs is to carry a bug that may have a safety accidentally engaged that they cant easily click off to get rounds on target in an emergency
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