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My first Taurus was a stainless 6" 44 special, great shooter. Don't remember the model, but looked very similar to my S&W 686. I then bought a Rossi 720, 3" 44 special, great carry gun with the lightest, cleanest trigger pull I've ever shot. No problems at all. I've always favored the 45 acp, so when looking for a compact auto I stumbled upon the Mil-Pro. Suprisingly easy to shoot and carry, no problems with at least 1200 rounds through it. Because of the favorable track record with Taurus, I didn't hesitate to buy a 24/7 OSS when I saw one at a gun show a few years back. Didn't need it, but for less that $350 otd, I couldn't pass it up.
My only dealings with the factory was to order some mag spacers so I could carry the 12 round OSS mags in my Mil-Pro and not have the gap. They were friendly and efficent.
I'm sure that their quality control is not up to snuff compared to the other major manufactorers, but it's a free country, we can select from whom we want to buy. I might never buy another Taurus, but it won't be because of giving me any problems.I've been fortunate over the years, very few problems with any brand of guns i've bought.
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