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No, I did not forget to include that line.

I INTENTIONALLY left out a good bit of information from all the BBB assessment of all three companies when I created the summaries because my goal was not to paste the entire content of the page into my post--only the relevant information was copied.

So why isn't it relevant that the BBB doesn't know how big Taurus is? It's because WE know how big it is. We used the ATF's import figures to get a feel for their size in comparison to the other two companies we're comparing it against.

You'll notice I did provide the link to the Taurus summary for those who wanted to look at ALL of the data, and the BBB site can be easily searched for the information from the other two companies.

However, I can see that this is going to be a problem. I'll tell you what. I'll delete any mention of the rating from my earlier post to prevent the rating and what it's based on from becoming a sidetrack to the main topic.
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