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Originally Posted by ocharry View Post
Hi mel

Would it be ok if I PM you about my 3-14 4k scope ?? If so when would be a good time??

I have some issues and I dont know if it something im doing wrong or if the scope is having a problem

I got it mounted and zeroed,,, I did the zero thing a couple times just to fine tune it,,, everything looked good

So tonight I had it out in the dark to line up the ir light,,, I did order the 66 ir you recommended, ,,,, but im not sure if I have a lemon scope or not,,,

It was only around 40* and it didnt seem to like being on night mode,,, at first I thought it was to cold,,,, but surely it can stand colder than that

It did freeze up a few times and the screen went all white a few times,,, sometimes the screen would freeze but all the other stuff seemed to work,,, sometimes it would let me switch back to day mode and then back to night,,, other times it would need a long hold on the off button to get it off and back on and be ok for a few minutes,,, then do something stupid again,,, I dont know ,,, maybe im doing something wrong,,, I played with it for about an hour

I did like the instructions said,,, full charge before I started anything,,, then did the firmware update,,,, seem ok,,, but tonight,,,, uhhh,,, not so much


u can pm me anytime , if u have an sd card in the scope remove it some sd card will cause instability issues and see if that solves the issue , and also always do a reset after updating the firmware

first big thing is to write down ur zero cordinates , reset will wipe out ur zero
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