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Originally Posted by ocharry View Post
Oh I'm sure there will be a learning curve

I took it out on the back porch...yep a new or another light will have to be looked at for sure...looks like maybe 50-75 yrds....and 75 might be stretching it a touch

Snow didn't seem to have much of an effect.... But I for sure want at least 150yrds of more light

I may take you up on the tricks....but first I got to get it on the ar and sighted in....get some load data installed and see just what I really

Thanks for the offer to help out.....your friend probably has some very good insight on the ins and outs of these scopes

the snow didnt have an effect just cause of how crappy the factory ir illuminator is
if u do get that be sure to pick up the mount with it u most deffinatly want an adjustable light mount

will get u out 5-600+ yards

whatever u do get make sure its 850nm in any brand

yeah she does

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