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Originally Posted by jbays View Post
I am not sure how to ask this...but here it goes.
I recently read the book GLOCK: The Rise of America's Gun. In the book Gaston Glock was described as a technical genius and a marketing guru. He surrounded himself with people willing to take risks and make big rewards.

The issue I have is that, according to the book, Glock as a human being was very greedy, a horrible person to work for, backstabbing, and plain awful person. Sex, strip clubs, and women were one part of his life, while anther side was reserved and quiet. He made a point of divorcing his wife, cutting the kids out of the company and not speaking to his grandkids out of spite. There are even some tries to the Nazi party.

It guess the company has done some real questionable things too.

I am just not sure I want to support a company/person like this.

What are some other .....morally better??.....companies to purchase handguns from? Or, am I just overthinking this?
"Eh. Whatever." I've had Makarovs. Soviet era Commie milsurp. Doesn't get much more evil sourced than that.
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