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Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy View Post
Story is still going strong.

There were SEVERAL folks in the church that drew guns and killed the attacker...OH WAIT---THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN LIKE I'VE ALWAYS BEEN TOLD IT WOULD INEVITABLY HAPPEN. Aside from the security team, nobody else engaged the shooter. Most didn't draw guns until after the shooting was over, much less attempt to shoot.
Well I'm glad it is still going. Probably cause of the video. Whenever there is a shooting that doesn't fit the narrative of the media, it can sometimes just get ONE day of coverage.

Did anyone watch the Five yesterday? Did you hear Marie Harf insist that this armed security was not the answer to these kind of shootings in churches? She said this one worked out and this story was unique, but in her vast experience (as a propagandist for Obama), she said these usually don't end this way and that she would not want her church to become a shooting gallery and that legislators need to come up with better solutions. I'm not normally shocked by such ignorance, but this wasn't ignorance. What was coming out of her mouth was desperation. They're scared because this video proved them dead wrong about all their brainwashing tactics.

I saw a previous recording of the lunatic like Julian Castro where he was babbling about how armed security is not the answer as well as some other talking heads... and this was in response to the Sutherland Springs church shooting... where they didn't have a team of armed security and 20+ were slaughtered.

These are desperation tactics... like the way they blame Trump for the homelessness crisis and are now blaming Trump for the attacks on the Jews in Monsey, NY.

It would be funny if their ideology wasn't getting people killed every day by depriving them of the survivability instincts and their will and ability to defend themselves.
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