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A friend who is on his church's security team gave me some insight he picked up through the grapevine. At least one of the two church members shot was a member of the church's security team. Watching the video again after I knew this, it appears to me that the first victim had drawn a handgun from a behind-the-back position and was in the act of bringing it to bear on the shooter when the shooter cut loose. Then the second victim (the guy standing in the corner) was shot. I couldn't tell if he was reaching for a gun or not -- possibly.

Someone commented that several parishioners were carrying. From what my friend told me (again, second-hand or third-hand information), those were all members of the church's armed security team. The FBI guy who took the shooter down was poised and ready to go because the security team had already flagged the guy as suspicious, which is why there were several members of the team in or near that corner of the church.
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