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Let's not forget the topic of this thread:

Maddow claimed that the troubles at the NRA are not only a "huge deal" but a
"show-stopping deal," pointing to its shutdown of NRATV. "The once fearsome
NRA, the most powerful entity in conservative politics... I mean, they're in free-fall,"
I received confirmation (to my satisfaction, your mileage may vary) of just how hard up and on the rocks the NRA is. I'm writing this at 8:30 p.m. on December 26 -- the day after Christmas. A couple of hours ago, my landline telephone rang. Foolishly, I ignored my usual protocol and answered, rather than letting the answering machine do its thing.

The caller was a woman calling on behalf of the NRA. She said she was conducting a survey. (Hint: that's their standard gambit these days. It's always a survey -- a one-question survey with answers so obvious that you can tell immediately that they don't really care what you answer. They have you on the phone, and talking.) Immediately after the "survey," she launched into the real reason for the call (she didn't say that -- I said that): the fundraising pitch. But they've upped the ante. I'm accustomed to their asking for fifty bucks, then dropping to twenty-five and then fifteen if you don't sign on for fifty. Today she started at one hundred fifty dollars.

That's as far as we went. I told her that under no circumstances would I donate any more money to the NRA as long as Wayne LaPierre remains as the Executive Vice President.

She couldn't end the call fast enough.

This, to me, shows desperation. Making fundraising calls on the evening following Christmas is desperate, insensitive, tone deaf -- however you choose to characterize it. The NRA IS in trouble. They know that Wayne LaPierre is toxic, but he is so well entranched that nobody can force him out, and he doesn't have to common decency to just retire [semi-] gracefully.
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