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Well, currently I'm heeled with a Smith M66 and some of my home cast hollow points against the remote possibility that one of the local skunks that have been encouraging my pointer to come out for a tussle shows up in today's 24 degree weather....hey, I caught a sniff last night at 2100...gosh knows what he's doing out there. Pic below.

But for the rest of the preceding week, short of a trip to the Post Office, I carried a Sig 365 in an OWB of my own making. Enough, donchaknow, and not too much to be considered a suburban ninja.

YMMv, Rod

Cherish our flag, honor it, defend what it stands for in word and deed, or get the hell out. Our Freedoms are not free, they've been paid for many times over by heros in uniform. We owe them and our children, the best that we can do.

USAF FAC, 5th Spl Forces, An Loc, lll Corps, RVN, 69-70, Vietnam Vet '69-'73

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