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No one loves the NRA and so what !!!

Once she found out that the NRA produced the materials, however, she squashed the whole thing.
That is what we encountered when we presented this idea to our school. They would not even look at the material. If they had, they would have found out how benign it is. They did not care about the substance, only it's origin. My Daughter is a teacher and they get a lot of negative pressure from the parents. No one loves the NRA and too many hate it, for their reasons. …..

However, as I've stated before, I have teach Hunter Ed. as well as other conservation kids' programs and that's where I do my best to make then aware of their safety and rights. I take a few liberties.

Be Safe !!!
'Fundamental truths' are easy to recognize because they are verified daily through simple observation and thus, require no testing.
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