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One of the best range bags that I've ever owned isn't even a range bag. I purchased this extra large heavy duty tool bag 10 to 12 years ago made by Custom Leathercraft. Its still my primary range bag and I haven't been able wear it out. Has big heavy duty zippers, and a large center compartment that I usually utilize the floor of the bag to lay my ammo on in their boxes. It has one outer zip open compartment on each side of the bag loaded with an assortment of different sizes of pockets that I use for all of my accessories.

It can hold more weight than can comfortably be carried, using the shoulder strap helps a lot if its loaded to capacity. I usually only bring two or maybe three pistols with me to the range if I'm by myself, so the weight is a non issue. If my wife and or daughter or husband come with me, it can carry up to six pistols in their rugs in the center compartment with extra boxed ammo on the floor of the bag, then it can get a little heavy.
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