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Range Duffle Bag

I currently use a back pack that I got at Walmart close to a year ago. Has been useful but now I have been loading more test rounds so I have more boxes I carry. I end up taking all the boxes out of the back pack and just lay them out on the car instead. This is what I got:

Has plenty of pockets, separate compartments for organizing. Really liked this bag just hate having to take all the ammo boxes as they are stacked up on top of each other. The only other drawback is the main zipper sometimes catches on the backpack but not annoying as I still have the bag.

I will end up using this bag as a diaper bag for baby on the way, no way in hell I'm carrying those other baby back packs/bags, lol.

What do you guys use? Thanks for the help.

This is just off a quick search I did:
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