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That would make too much sense...

If you are in the position to stop another Columbine, I don't think anyone is going to charge you with carrying concealed, esp with a valid CCW.
Don't be so sure. The leftist-controlled government is devoid of logic and common sense.

Case in point:

Recently, in San Francisco, two armed robbers (one with a gun, one with a machete) forced their way into an apartment, taking hostage two men, a woman, and several children. They tied up the women and children and threatened to kill them if the men did not produce large sums of cash (the victims were concert promoters and had a safe on site). Twice during the robbery, the perp with the gun set the gun down; the second time, one of the male victims grabbed the gun. In the end, both perps were shot dead and no victims were injured. But, even though the deaths were declared justified by the police investigating the double homicide, the victim who grabbed the gun away from the perp is in prison. Why? Because he was on parole (I believe for a non-violent drug conviction) and touching the gun (to save himself and the other victims) violated the terms of his parole!

I would not be surprised at all if a lawful gun owner prevented a school massacre (or any other heinous crime against society), only to find himself being prosecuted for violating one of the numerous and confusing (and unconstitutional) gun control laws.
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