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M38 production was discontinued in 1945
According to the internet, it was.

My rifle disagrees. It shows no evidence of being converted from an M44 barrel or cut down from a 91/30, does not have the Czech star found on 91/38s, is configured correctly for a 1945(+) Izhevsk M38, and is clearly stamped 1946, Izhevsk.

Is it hard to believe that the data on the interwebs has been compiled based only on what people have seen and heard, and then set as "fact", since actual records were probably never released (or kept properly) by the Soviets? ... And that the data now accepted as "fact" might actually have some holes in it...?

Even in the civilized world, these things pop up.

I owned a Mossberg 800 that appeared to be a parts gun. The serial number made it probably a '70. It had parts variations that spanned from '68 to '73. The model designation didn't make sense (scoped, sporter stock with Mannlicher designation, with varmint barrel?...). And it didn't officially leave the factory until '78 (after the bankruptcy, and most of that building being destroyed in a fire).
It turned out to be a prototype. It was one of one. That's why no one could figure out what it was, until the Mossberg historical society ran across a note about a "Scoped Police" model prototype that was assembled in '73 and matched what I had in my hands.

My brother received the first - possibly only - Ruger Hawkeye African Laminate to leave the factory. No, not the African that you can buy now. This was stainless, laminate, triple scope bases, iron sights, no brake, and Ruger killed the model JUST as production started. The figures that were relayed to me were, if I remember correctly: 27 Left-handed models produced, and 6 (just six) Right-handed - all in .375 Ruger.
The first right-handed example was obtained by my brother, because he was offered anything in production at "cost" (ended up at $297, shipped, I believe), at just the right time to snag one.
We have never heard of the others ever leaving the factory. ...But it is possible.

Ask anyone, including Ruger, if such a beast was ever made, and they'll tell you that you're talking about a modified Alaskan. But call Ruger with his serial number, and it turns into, "Hold on just a moment, please. I need to check with my supervisor..."
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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