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I picked up one (Delux Model) several years ago, maybe around 2006? Anyway, I haven't put just a ton of shells through it, but it's been a darn good little shotgun. Mine has the screw in chokes that seem to be very similar to Win-Chokes. It has the double triggers which I like. For a short barreled little dumplin, it points good and both barrels seem to be well aligned. I haven't done whatever shotgunners call a group test, but whatever it is- it's good enough for me.

Just before I picked up my Stoeger, a friend picked up a Baikal (sp?) Coachgun (Russian made). I don't know how the Russians drill and tap holes, but we had to re-do a couple of his and go with oversized screws for the hinge pin retaining screws. There's way more quality in the Stoegers.
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