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This is ridiculous, little by little they are squeezing the neck out of our freedom, i don't live in NY but people who do have to protect themselves.
From historical knowledge, the chief mechanism in which freedoms can be eroded is by the government declaring national emergencies and how weapons must be taken away for "your own good". From the medieval Catholic Church to Cambodia's Pol Pot, this is the one tool that the ruling powers have used to strangle their subjects into total submission.

Declare a bogeyman. Whether it be heretics, or criminals or juvie gangs. And then raise such a scare that the public will believe anything that will "help" them. And that is how rights are taken away.

As someone from New York, I hope these cases go through and win. Even minor victories are still victories and they will pave the road for more actions in the future. The Sullivan Act was passed with the intent of keeping street gangs and organized crime syndicates from getting guns, but that was all horse manure. It specifically targeted low income New Yorkers possibly from immigrant backgrounds. Mainly Italians. The New York political machine and vice industries of the early 1900's had long been dominated by the Irish Mob, who had used force to overturn Anglo-German control of the rackets in the middle of the 19th century. When a large influx of Italians and Chinese arrived in the port of New York in the 1900's, bringing with them their own powerful underworlds, these old generation guys were scared to death. Tammany Hall was one of the backers of the bill, as they were afraid that a new generation of armed social interest groups in the city would create another "Gangs of New York" scene and usurp their powerbase, as how the Tammany mobsters originally usurped Captain Isiah Rynders back in the 1840s. It is an archaic, useless and highly unconstitutional piece of legislation that should have been removed when the Heller case in DC had passed.
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