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(I'm almost 50 and overweight.)
I'm a little older and about 40 pounds heavier than unrealistic docs want me to be. I haven't done Appleseed, but intermittently practice three position rifle shooting.

Aside from general fitness, there is the issue that a fellow like me who spends the bulk of his day sitting and talking on the telephone or hunched over paper at his desk experiences a rather small spectrum of movement. It leaves me relatively disabled in trivial ways. I make that old man sound when I sit now.

I sort of hate prone. By the time I get down on the ground and slung into position, I'm breathing so hard that it isn't as effective as may have been 30 years ago. Sitting, my natural position, works better and takes less practice.

I mostly have practiced standing. My reasoning was that this is my worst position, and I can practice it anywhere. Unfortunately, it has left me a but stiff to make prone very practical.

The point of the above -- you aren't the only one in this boat.

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