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Good Morning Spats,

I completed 1 day of my Appleseed yesterday, and thought I would add some pointers for your event. First off, I loved it! It was mostly family's and about 50% kids of all ages. I particularly liked the history portion, and it is very relevant to the issues of today. It's something I think everyone should do, and it's great for kids.

The issues:
1. I thought I had prepared well, however I didn't test the sling prior. It turned out the sling rings on my 10/22 target model were a bit too small and had to be jerry rigged. This turned out to be a major impediment. You will want to use the wider sling like they sell at the Appleseed store. I'll be updating my sling rings.
2. I recommend a shooting shirt with padding on the elbows. There is a lot of quick transition shooting drills going from standing to prone. This scuffed up my elbows by the end of the day.

I will be doing another Appleseed event soon, and even with the sling issue I managed to learn and improve a lot. I think you'll have fun.
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