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hi spats,,you are gona love the appleseed program,,,i really like the history lesson that went along with the shooting

i will tell you that you would be better off with a rifle that has a detachable magazine,,,there is a couple of reload 5 shot lessons there

i used a 10-22 and i took 4 magazines with me,,,and 500 rounds for the weekend,,,didnt use it all,,,maybe 300,, but you never know,,,,my rifle has a scope ,,,no biggy for them,,,there were a few people that had the peep sight set up,,,i dont think i could have done very well at my age point with open sights,,,the peeps would probably work for me,,,never was a scope guy but the older i get the better they seem to work,,,lol

get some sling studs put on your 10-22 and go have a great time,,,,you will definitely need a sling

i qualified 6 times for the weekend but i only got 1 patch,,,,,,,my best score was 238,,, it was great fun,,,i really want a winter seed patch,,,lol

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