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My Mossberg 930 Field/Security Combo arrived today. It is of course a 12 gauge. This combo comes with a ported, 28" Vent Rib with a Fiber Optic sight and an 18.5" barrel with a plain brass bead. Stock pitch spacers, three choke tubes, a wrench for same and an orange chamber flag complete this very utilitarian package. 'Utilitarian' was exactly what I was looking for. This particular specimen came outfitted with a knurled, oversize bolt handle. I'm so tactical, I flatulate ninjy stars.

The synthetic stock came equipped with the OEM Mossberg stock burr, guaranteed to draw blood if you don't clean it up. My old Case XX Stockman made short work of it.

If you believe the internet, Winchester's Universal field load is Kryptonite to the Mossberg 930. I had a couple of boxes on hand so that's what I fed this shotgun. I didn't do the 'pre-clean' we always hear about; I just crammed the shotgun full of Universal and commenced firing. I ran about 30 rounds of it through each barrel, firing deliberately as fast as I could engage targets and occasionally, emptying a full load from the hip as fast as I could pull the trigger. There were no failures of any kind. I also ran ten rounds of Winchester 2 3/4” full power 00 buck and five of the same company's slugs through each barrel, again with no failures.

While the field barrel is perfectly regulated, my short barrel prints slugs about 8” high and 4” left at 25 yards. 100-odd rounds of mixed ammo don't prove much; but so far I can find no other fault with the this shotgun.
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