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Originally Posted by fastfr8r
Do you suppose their interpretation is (dare I even think it?) in conflict with the written statute?
You be the judge.
Originally Posted by fastfr8r for whether the statute supports that requirement verbatim may be still another one for the lawyers. My head hurts...
One's head often hurts when one tries to reconcile the ATF online FAQ with statute law, or even with the ATF's own official written rulings. This is not the only example I've seen.

When in doubt, however, I follow the law or the ruling, NOT the FAQ.

Just for the record, I've always honestly divulged what was in the package when I've shipped UPS, mainly to ensure that I can recover the insured value with minimal headaches. I don't, however, go into any more detail than absolutely necessary, regardless of the item. ("Dinner plates"; "Car stereo"; "Books"; "Ammunition"; "Firearm".) IMHO the make, model, and serial number is none of their business unless and until there is an insurance claim.
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