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I have 4 of the Tipton carbon fiber rods. Two in .22-.27 cal and the other two for .30+ cal. They were $30 apiece at Cabela's locally. I like the Tipton design since the part you beat on with the rubber mallet does not turn, therefore the bearings don't get damaged. I also like the carbon fiber BUT you cannot flex it (or beat it) as hard as you can a steel rod. I have broken one of the .22 rods before. I was trying to force a .30-cal patch that I had cut in half down my 22-250. A steel rod would have taken the punishment but the carbon fiber rod snapped. Totally my fault...but steel would have handled it.

That being said I still like the Tipton CF rods.

I thought I liked brass rods until I started shooting more jacketed stuff out of my rifles and found out what copper cleaners do to brass

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