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Wonderfully informative post with so much useful information. I never did understand why barrel break in would work and Gale does a fantastic job of stating the obvious and explaining the not so obvious. We learn from an expert that it's not simply a matter of not working when in fact certain barrel break in techniques using abrassives damage rifling, ruin accuracy and shorten barrel life! Gale makes it all seem so obvious by recounting his personal experience. This is information only a world class barrel maker with years of experience would know and he has no real reason to share it with us. In fact he could sell more barrels if he went along with the barrel break in BS many of the other manufacturers advocate. That tells me all I need to know about the character of Gale McMillan. Never met him but I wish I had.

I just bought a brand new Ruger Hawkeye in .270 caliber. I haven't fired it yet. I've never "broken in" any of my rifle barrels. I was wondering if perhaps I should give one of these "modern" break in techniques a try. Now I know better.

Many thanks Gale.
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