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I guess this will be a a spoterized one now. Nothing else to do but then it was only 20.00 back when my Dad bought it, so I can only improve it.
What is it? If it is an otherwise unmolested German K98, original stocks are available, either original German ones or Israeli. Originals are expensive, but the Israeli ones are not too bad, ~$125 for stock, handguard and barrel bands.

The "because it looked to short on the barrel end" bit always gives me pause, because it could mean two different things. It could mean bubba cut it down to make a hunting rifle, or it could mean it was a GI Bringback with a duffel cut (stock cut roughly even with the rear barrel band) so it would fit in a duffel bag.

Granted, one is more likely than the other, but you never know.
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