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I tried....

Experimenting with the shape of the tip of the hand on an ASM one time.

This was a five shot revolver and the action worked a little hard. I found that rounding off the right side of the hand made the action work with a little less effort on the hammer.

The reason that I mention this is that the extra force I had to exert on the hammer to get the cylinder to rotate may have been adding wear to the ratchet where the hand bears.

I never was able to see that on the revolver I fiddled with because I also had to mess with the ratchet teeth.

I would be cautious with this since I am not certain how the hand is hardened in your revolver.

If it is just the tip which is surface hardened, it might be possible to file enough to get below the hardened section into the softer metal.

The ASM I messed with had a hand which was soft so it didn't really matter. The hand was also far too long and required filing anyway.

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