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Some are made to kill people very effeciently, yes, but, properly employed they can all kill effeciently. As can a pickup truck or bulldozer.
In theory they are all dangerous, in practice the jury is still out on that debate point.

I understand your viewpoint and sense the circular argument coming, but I always feel that we are ceding the field to the antis- when we claim some guns are more intrinsically violent or evil than others.

No, no gun is more intrinsically violent than any other. However, that doesn't mean one isn't better at killing than another. There's no argument than an AR can kill a lot more than a bolt action before reloading. That's why our military doesn't use bolt actions anymore for anything besides sniping.

Stalingrad. The Germans got so swept up in conquering a city of little strategic importance that their eventual defeat there may have well cost them the war despite making headway throughout the rest of Russia. That's what we're doing arguing about stuff like this.
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