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Just acquired a 500 round vintage shot-shell lot

So I have a few questions.........well comments.......
I collect what I like, I don't care about value or looks. If i find a old box that looks cool, i keep it. I buy ammo lots very very often, ive came across cartridges all the way back to the twenties, odds and ends even 40 rounds of 375 H&H magnum!
These shotshells were going to be meant for shooting. My question is... odds of them working? Odds of having some real monetary value here? Should I be looking for certain ones? Around what vintage if kept in a cool dry place will these not go boom anymore?
I had some really nasty looking ones and I dissembled them and kept the shot for reloading, took out the powder, still perfectly flammable however some of the primers particularly on some western Mark series shells did make no pop at all. I took down some of the Remington and I had more of a small pop with lots of smoke. Noe these rounds were some of the oldest and were in not so good shape. Most of the collection is paper and looks safe to fire.
So out of what you can depict out of the pictures, do I have anything worth saving?
My plan is if it dud's out, I would extract the shot out of it and inert the rest of the round.

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