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As many have said, shoot before you buy - shoot as wide a variety of pistols as you can find.

Consider taking a class, and ask the instructor for advice, particularly if he is a LEO.

You probably are going to end up sticking with a 9mm for defense purposes (ammo cheaper, and practice is your best friend).

I'm going to second the idea of a 22LR conversion kit; gives you even cheaper practice than a 9mm, and gives you the same feel, weight, and control mechanism as your defense gun. Given that, a few to look at include:
One note - many of the links above mention MSRP pricing. Don't despair if you see high pricing on the links; it's the retail price you want to go by, which can be often significantly cheaper. Here's a link to the Shooter's Depot Davidson portal, where you can get more realistic pricing - not necessarily the absolute lowest you can find, but it'll give you a better idea than the manufacturer sites.
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