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There is another thing that comes with awareness and attitude.

I have always been an adrenalin junkie, very self confident, so have walked paths I maybe should not have. What I noticed when I would have the muggers start to move in on me, I would just lock eyes, smile and sort of shake my head no...95% of the time they would get that sense they probably should find an easier person. Trouble will usually avoid you if it senses confidence in you. Sort of like dogs, they can sense fear.

A short story of how sometimes I wonder how I have survived...

Met a young lady while in Los Angeles. (I lived 700 miles away near Lake Tahoe, this was in the late 1970's). We talked a few times on the phone and I flew my little plane down to have a date. I usually stay with a friend that always has a spare room at the beach. I had a CA CWP, and normally always carried my 45. As I was dressing I left the gun lying on the bed....thinking, I will pick up my date, go to dinner come back to her place or mine...what could go wrong

I pulled up in front of the house, and she immediately came out to my car...Told me she could not go out with me....(This did irritate me, having flown 700 miles for this date). Then I notice a guy peek around the side of the building...I asked if that was her old boy friend she had told me about and was sort of afraid of him....No answer.

I got out of the car and started walking for the corner of the building when this jerk took a shot at me...BANG.....I immediately yelled; you SOB and started running right at him, he turned and ran out the back and down the alley...(I am so happy as I have aged, that I have gotten over thinking I was immortal)

Finally the mind engaged, and I saw how stupid it was to chase an armed jerk with nothing more than a bad attitude. Ran back to the car, drove 45 minutes back to the beach, grabbed my 45 and a couple of magazines and headed back out. As I was going through the living room, some friends sort of slowed me down, and go the story about what had happened....then pointing out the obvious, "Do you really think this guy is going to wait for your return??" They were all laughing at me....I decided better to stay and have a few beers with them. (Besides there was an Oriental girl that had come over to meet me.... so best stay were I am wanted)

Point of the story was not that I used to be terminally stupid at times, but the effect a confident attitude has on a potential assailant. Here was a jerk that was armed, had taken a shot at me, and ran away when I became aggressive.....Always take the fight to other person. The intimidation it generates is a huge advantage.
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