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Kyo asks " dawned on me that I am way way more attentive to the environment now. Is this a permanent thing? Or does this pass?"

Let's hope it doesn't pass. Being aware of your environment is a good thing, whether armed or not. Much is made of not being caught in the wrong situation when carrying, but it's just as important when not carrying. If being armed is a constant reminder of good habits, so be it. As far as being "conspicuous" about being aware, that too is not a bad thing. Who do the goblins search for as victims? The meek, the unaware. If they pass you by because you're obviously controlling your immediate environment, you've done a good job. Conversely, the average citizen will never notice, let alone appreciate, your awareness in casual meeting. As long as you're not hunkered down in a fox hole surrounded by barbed wire

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