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My wife just didn't want a semi-auto due to racking the slide, inserting mags, etc. We ended up getting her a Ruger LCR .22 revolver. However, that one's probably on the way out because of the strong pull required to cock the hammer and fire the gun.

So, you may want to check into a revolver. They really are probably a better choice for women who aren't going to become a "gun person" and be involved with firearms and shooting on a regular basis.

I also agree with others here that if she's set on carrying a semi-auto pistol, she needs to carry a round chambered. I carry only SA/DA hammer fired pistols and always have a round in the chamber. It takes a deliberate long 4-7 pound pull (depending on the pistol) to fire a round. That is a very good safety mechanism. In the heat of the moment, I think most people would be doing good to just draw and pull the trigger. You certainly shouldn't be having to rack the slide and flick the safety off.

Good luck on your search.

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