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To the OP...

All the rhetoric and internet "truisms" (translated "BS") aside, do not discount the M&P.

My M&P 9 is over 4 years old. I have around 18,000 rounds through it. No malfunctions, no part breakages, same barrel, and still run the original two magazines.

I have extra recoil springs for it, but the original still works as good as the day I bought it.

I also have an M&P 45 Compact for EDC. It has also never malfunctioned, or had a part breakage. Not as many rounds through it as the 9mm though.

I don't know the complete number, but a lot of law enforcement agencies are moving to the M&P. Smith's website lists a bunch. Including Washington State patrol. WSP moved from H&K USP 40's to M&P 40's a couple years ago.

Don't misunderstand, I love Glocks, own them, shoot them, but the M&P series is "the" gun for me.
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