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Strange, I load small rifle in 9mm P regularly, because I have a lot more SR primers than I need .223s; and have tested them in small pocket .45 NT with no difficulty in seating and no misfires either way. Velocity from a pistol loaded with a small rifle primer is higher than with a small pistol primer, but is less than with a small pistol magnum primer. It is a usual thing in IPSC to disguise the signs of high pressure in the hotloaded .38 Supers there.

I don't load .38 specials with them, I have guns with soft mainsprings that require Federal SP primers for fast DA in competition. But at one time, Federal did not make magnum primers and recommended their small rifle primers for .357 Magnum.

You will, of course, exercise all usual precautions like not starting at maximum powder charge.

It is the large rifle primer that is taller than a large pistol primer and can be dangerous due to not being seated flush or below.
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