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If you hunt snowshoe can pick them out in the snow, by looking for one of there black eyes.
If you have access to good rabbit hunting lands...I would invest in a good hunting beagle or more. You can run rabbits with them, during the off season, which is an excellent sport. If you jump a rabbit... you get the beagle excited by yelling "THERE HE GOES". Point the dog to the fresh rabbit trail, by yelling "HE YA, HE YA, HE YA, HE YA", THATS IT --- GO, GO, GO. You can use a hunting bugle, in order to bring the dog pack together.

Unless the dogs chase the rabbit into a hole, he will usually run in a circle, back close to the place where you jumped him. Locate a good vantage point, or opening in the brush for your shot. You can usually tell the direction the rabbit is taking by the sound of the dogs. You'll have an excellent rabbit dog, if he does not prefer to track deer or fox. If the dogs go out of earshot...they are usually trailing a deer or a fox.

Sometimes...a beagle will backtrail in the wrong direction. Not only stomp a brushpile --- but be still for a minute --- which might get the rabbit nervous, thinking the you've spotted him and will bolt from his hidden lair.

I prefer a fine balanced 12, 16, or 20 guage a Parker or L.C. Smith --- improved cylinder and modified --- #6 or 71/2 high brass shot. Gut the fresh rabbit, out in the field...and give the dogs the heart and liver. Teach the dog to retrieve your shot rabbit. If the rabbit is only wounded... grab him by his hind legs --- and judo chop him at the back of the neck --- with the edge of your hand.

If you do not have a dog, hunt with a partner... so either one of you can be the dog substitute. Jump the rabbit...and head out in the direction the rabbit took, while baying like an old coonhound --- continue by walking around in large circles --- back to your partner.

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