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If you have snow on the ground and your rabbits have turned color already (white) Pretty hard to see em in the underbrush. 22 rifle is good if your a good shot with one. Otherwise there is nothing wrong using what you have available in shotguns.7-1/2 or #8 shot is plenty. Smaller the gauge the better. Just try to knock them on their noggin. Don't forget to be prepared to whistle too. Works good to stop them when rabbits are seen close but in their high-balling get'in away mode. "A loud whistle slams their brakes on" I kid you not.
I try to get out once every couple weeks to chase them around if I can. Keeps the eye sharp and the mutt skinny when He's got some gumption to leave the kitchen corners comfort. (bed) We usually end up coming home with a partridge or two instead though._ Old pooch isn't a quick as he once was and then again neither am I. >
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