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Mine is just another opinion in the long line of opinions:

Have owned all three barrel lengths one time or another. Only one in the few hunting rifles I bought in my life where I made a bad choice in calibers. Bought my Trapper back in the early 80s. Around the time president Regan was bushwhacked.
Offered in calibers 30-30 and 44 mag. I chose the latter caliber so to match my Ruger 44 mag Red Hawk. "I'll never do that again" _ i.e. Match a rifle to a sidearms caliber for ease of ammo reloading? (foolishness I think.) During those 1880s yes it was appropriate. Not today. Horses are no longer a need for transportation and our travel bag/box of Reloading tools and spare cartridges fit nicely in the trunk of any vehicle. Well maybe not a 2019 Ford GT but everything else automotive they surely will.

Couldn't wait to send my Trapper down the road. "Good bye good riddance"
Still have original 1894 long barrels and 94 carbines and one lonely model 64 in 32 spec. Target shooting the 1894's yes are a bit more accurate over the carbine and a whole lot more accurate than the Trapper. But such long barreled Win rifles are indeed {muzzle} heavy. Honestly it takes some doing holding a long barrel to shoulder. Especially when shooting target tightest groupings. (They are a heavy rifle to deal with.) Not only for additional barrel length but too the additional bullet capacity all adds weight.

Carbine model on the other hand in my opinion is simply easier across the Board to swing_ aim_ and quickness in lining up its Buckhorns for a repeated firing due to its not feeling like a childs toy rifle or a muzzle heavy long barreled firearm. Overall the carbine's balanced? is a whole lot better than the other two. More accommodating. {is a good description} Especially so for those bifocal eyeglass wear'ers like me who prefer to shoot a Win lever over a Marlin.

Trapper model: although a shade lighter in weight. {4" cut of barrel weight some magazine reduction}_But_?_ their real problem is the barrel Sight Plain. As known: The shorter the barrel the more time it takes for the human eyes to line up those Buck Horns. "That's my experiences with the Trapper model."

My Trapper model was not at all as accurate as the other Carbines I own. {As I had hopped it would be.}

A bold comment: I supect all Trapper owners assuredly have to accept ball park accuracy at best. 75 yards and beyond. The best Trapper groupings? Expect no better than 4" separation at the very least with a 44 model.

4"?__A open sight group non of my current 94's print. (Not at all acceptable with me.)

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