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I have had a Marlin Marauder since back in 60s. I didn't buy it new but it was mint when I
got it. I was youngest in hunting crew and all the older guys said it was worthless because
of short barrel. It didn't take long before they were trying to trade me out of it. This was way before the Marauder was cool. I have never noticed balance problem. I would say it's what you are use to. I've got a Lyman reciever sight on it and have shot many deer with it.
Most at under 100yds but a few in 150yd range. I don't shoot at 200yds on deer with any
30/30 class gun. There is to much chance of poor hit. I know guys will howl at this because
they are always shooting 200yd + deer with there 30/30s. Yea, they are shooting supported
or from stands with scoped rifles. And the average Hunter can shot a longer barrel because
of sight radius. On a short barrel with reciever sight you actually have more sight radius and
extra 4" of barrel is no big deal.
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