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Hard for me to imagine that a person would benefit that much from walking the woods with a rifle that had maybe 8" less length to the barrel. I am in the woods very often, year around and what does a guy do...maybe stand 8" further from any objects in the woods so he doesn't bump into them?
I guess it's just a matter of what a guy likes, more than the practical aspect of the barrel length on a 94. I have them in 16,20, and 24 lengths and the only thing is see as an advantage one way or another is the sight radius. One trip to the woods recently I took my old 24" and dropped a spike with it just for something different for the day as opposed to one of my more modern rifles.
If I were to choose only one 94 to use, it would probably be the 24" for the simple reason of the sight radius. Add 8 more inches of sight radius to an open sighted rifle, and you are definitely gaining an advantage.
This all said, there is a 16" .45 colt caliber out in a safe in my garage that is sure fun to plink with !
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