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Originally Posted by Hawg View Post
All I've ever had was a 20 inch but I'd much prefer a 24. The 20 inch barrels have always done the job with no complaints. I just like long barrels. The Trapper models don't interest me at all.
I agree. While my thudy-thudy is a 20" carbine, I've got 2 .357mag Rossi Model 92s; a 20" carbine and a 24" rifle as well as 2 .45 Colt Ubertis; a 19" '66 Yellowboy carbine and a 24" '73 rifle and I prefer shooting the rifles to the carbines.

I tried a fellow's 16" Rossi trapper at our range while he tried my 24" rifle and I thought the balance of his trapper was all wrong. Hard for me to shoot it past 100yds as I was fighting the poor balance of it. Not surprisingly, he liked the way he could stay on target at longer range much better with my rifle.

Even though both of my rifles are heavier with their longer, octagon barrels, their weight and length makes them 'hang' on target better than the lighter, round barrel carbines. I also have tang sights on the rifles and love shooting them at longer ranges; 200 - 300 yards.

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