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Cool musicm!

Just the day before yesterday (the 6th), I did about the same thing with my '64 vintage 336. It sports a vintage 4x33mm Leupold Compact, and is a wonderfully accurate little carbine. I ranged my whitetail doe @ 154 yds., and as she was quartering to me, I placed the hairs just behind her left shoulder (good rest on my daypack), about a 1/3+ the way up the body from her belly, and squeezed off. She was with 4 other does and fawns, and when they all bolted at the shot, they all went down behind an irrigation ditch; only 4 came up the other side. I knew my shot was good, and found her less than 60 yds. from where I hit her. The shot hit her exactly where the hairs crossed on my hold, and took out the lungs and part of her liver. Lights out, quickly, and was pleased to see she was dry.

My handload worked very well:

150 grn. Speer SPFN
34 grns. of Varget
CCI 200 L.R.
Rem. brass, F.L. resized, trimmed @ 2.030."
Good crimp on the bullet cannelure.

At 154 yds, the bullet had an exit wound showing good expansion. Since the doe had a good supply of fat on her flanks, tissue damage wasn't bad at all. My wife and I butchered yesterday, and the only meat loss was flank meat, and again, wasn't much (burger meat) at all. Love that old Marlin, and my old eyes love that Leupold! Hard to beat a 30-30 for deer; good all around.

Congrats on the doe, musicmatty!
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