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Ha ha ha,very funny boys...
you have had a hard day at work,you may not be feeling your best.
It is getting dark,you have got off the bus and make you way home.
Two punks sneak up on you and want to beat you up.
NOW.Would you,could you,should you,go into boxer mode and start shuffling and dancing all over the place?Energy to do this at these times?Christ,it may even lead you to trip on something.
What Iam trying to say is do only what is needed!.Dont waste energy.
I did not say that boxers had clumsy footwork,read my post again please.
Play around with any friends of your that may happen to be boxers,what do they do,even when play fighting?They move their feet around constantly.Needed for the ring but not the streets.
Hell,one leg forward and one back?the boxer is already off balance friends,a good Aikido practicioner should be able to exploit this.
Big big problem though,how many proper Aikido schools are there around?Not many at all.Join most of them,and you will actually go backwards in the world of H2H.
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